Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alone in the Dark


Good god what a piece of crap this was.

Alone in the Dark is a remake (I think so...) of an old survival horror classic, which follows a guy going into a haunted mansion. He then has to survive against ghouls and monsters with what he can find. Now, forget all that and get a new plot on the field. Apparently, bad shit happened and some guy is now against the forces of... uhm.. Hell? I, uh, think so. Really, I don't recall it specifying.

The gameplay was somewhat dull. The first level takes you through a burning building which is astoundingly boring, even with you pulling fire extinguishers out of nowhere and putting out the fire. Don't worry, things pick up a little when monsters start showing up. Scratch that. MONSTER. There's just one, and all I remember was smacking it across the face with some blunt object.

Now the graphics weren't too bad. It's a shame they had to be wasted on such a crappy game.
The game showed off some nice lighting and depth of field effects, and, being a main component of the game the fire sprites weren't too bad themselves. Character models, although a little wooden, looked good enough.

Now, this is the section where I should be talking about the control. But then I remembered - What control?

Graphics - 8.0

Gameplay - 4.0

Control - 2.0

Value -   -4,875,234,000


All in all, Alone in the Dark was a disappointing adventure through a burning building and the rubble of the front desk. No, I never got past the second level but that didn't stop the game from being horribly lousy.


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  1. Blam! A REAL review. You review like my brother ( -- straight up and real. the more you do it (not just slamming, but props when deserved) the better it is to read, and ultimately the more notice is taken by the people who develop these things in the first place. More, more! Woo! Yay! Houpla!